Monday, April 25, 2011

Loving British Style!

This Friday is the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  I'm going to get everything prepared Thursday night so I don't have to multi-task doing chores and watching the wedding Friday morning.  I wish I was in Britain eating fish and chips!

Maybe you've guessed that I'd be posting pictures of British fashion either this week or next week.  There's a lot of things about Britain I like, one of them being the unique fashion sense.

by Duro Olowu,

by Neil Barrett,

by Tolowa,
Did you enjoy like I did?  Till next blog!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Popular Color for Spring '11

Watching t.v. in the past week, I noticed a lot of coral clothing on women, whether it be an infomercial, a reality show, or commercial.  The color seems to fit most, if not all, skin tones.  It's a pleasant color.  I don't generally like the color orange for clothing, but, for me,  this shade is soft, warm, acceptable.  It's one of the colors for spring 2011. 

Coral Kaftan Dress by Missoni,

Ribbed Tank,

by Monsoon,

I adore the kaftan dress!  It's sooo 70's.  Till next blog!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Few Designs That Caught My Eye...

Over the weeks I've seen clothing and accessories that caught my eye.  I didn't get a chance to post the pictures, so today I'm posting them.

by Isabel Toledo,

by Atsuro Tayama,

 by BCBG Max Azri,

North Sandal by Jimmy Choo,
I adore the the avante garde look and the complicated construction of the red gown by Isabel Toledo.  The grey ensemble and the red and blue dress I would wear tomorrow.  The shoe, called the North Sandal (I love the name, and it does look like a northern shoe) looks very comfortable to me despite the thin heel.  I do not do heels, unless I'm being driven to where I have to go, but I'd walk a bit of a distance in this shoe. 

Till next blog!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Incredible Edible Dresses!

There is always something to make a person excited no matter what age you are.  There is always something new to surprise you no matter how long you've lived. I've seen clothes designing challenges on Project Runway where the contestants had to make a garment  using plants and gardening equipment, and in another season, the contestants used car parts for their designs.  The contestants made lovely designs overall.  Well, I've found a designer that's made beautiful dresses using vegetables and fruit. 

Sung Yeon Ju has a collection called Wearable Foods.  Just look at his incredible talent.  I'm very excited about clothing made from unconventional materials.

by Sung Yeon Ju,
by Sung Yeon Ju,
The blue dress was made using red cabbage and gum.  The white dress was made using radishes.  What a talent!  These "dresses" are absolutely beautiful!  You have to check the website above for more edible dresses from this designer.

Another incredible outfit  (it's made with conventional material):

by Toshikazu Iwaya,
This spectacular dress is colorful and detailed; the time to construct this dress must have taken many hours (like the edible dresses). This was a part of Toshikazu's fall/winter 2009/10 collection shown at Paris Fashion Week.  Toshikazu Iwaya is a Japanese designer whose collections I will be looking for in the future.

Till next blog!