Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ladies Streetstyle from 5 Countries

I had to do a post on ladies streetstyle from a few countries to balance out my last post on men's streetstyles from five countries.  It's interesting seeing what international people are wearing as well as those from my continent.  The world is getting smaller everyday, people are basically wearing the same things, but with a cultural twist to them.




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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Men's Streetstyles - 5 Countries Compared

What are men wearing in different countries?  I chose five countries to compare the streetstyles of fashionable men. They are:  Canada, Britain, Japan, Italy, and the United States.  One can somewhat see the personalities of the men and a hint of  the fashion sense of each country.   




Boston, Massachusetts,


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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just What I Like

Happy March!  Getting closer to spring...  This posting hasn't got a theme really, just posting photos of beautiful dresses, cute and unusual accessories, and a designer with a unique fashion style.  The theme could be... what I like.

Native hooded backpack,

Kerry Washington,

Fashion designer Isaias,

Gavin Douglas,

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

For Formal Occasions

I'm a casual kind of gal, even when I'm dressing up, but I do like to see people dressed for attention.  Thinking of spring (everyday now) and possible formal occasions that give the gentlemen and ladies an excuse to look their best, I came across  The clothes on this site can be worn to special church functions, weddings, and other formal functions.  Lovely clothes for the particular woman and man can be found here. 

Donna Vinci Sping and Summer 2014

Jerry T. Fall and Holiday 2013

Men's Designer Church Suits 2014

Mando Uomo Spring and Summer 2014

Nubiano Spring and Summer 2014

Man's Designer Church Suits 2014

The purple men's suit is very interesting.  I've never seen that color for a man's suit before.  Wondering if it will become a popular color choice sometime in the future.
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Touch of Faux Leather

I love the fashion fad of faux leather combined with fabric.  It makes for a very appealing garment, and it's popular this season.  I've been seeing a lot of dresses with a touch of the faux leather detail.  There are other clothing pieces incorporating this leather look fabric for both men and women.

Dress by Karen Millen,

Men's t-shirt by ZARA,

Hope you're having a fun winter seaseon experimenting with fashion.
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Coats for 2013

Brrrrr...... this has got to be the coldest winter I've experienced in my city!  Not thrilled. How did you all get through the ice storm?  Although it caused a lot of problems for many people, it was visually beautiful.  Hope your Christmas and New Years were good despite the winter storms.

Coats are my focus this week.  Coats for men and women, coats with a double function to keep you stylishly warm this winter.

Zeitgeist coat,

Plumas Moncler coat,

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mandela Tribute Fashion Style

Mr. Nelson Mandela passed away Thursday, December 5, 2013.  Sad day, although, at his age, we know he would soon pass.  A wise and intelligent man of good character and integrity who loved people. 

The South African fashion designers featured below (they are just a few of many) may not have become as successful as they have today if it wasn't for Mr.Nelson Mandela and others fighting for their rights to be treated as equals.  This post is in memory of him.

David Tlale,

Design Indaba,

Thula Sindi,

Kottin and Twille,

Laurence Airline,

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