Monday, July 25, 2011

60's Vintage Fashion

I heard, as many of you have, that Amy Winehouse died yesterday.  She was only 27 and British, so young and from one of my favorite countries.  Amy had a 60's vibe going on with her beehive hair, and sometimes she wore vintage style clothing.  The first time I saw her was on a Canadian show maybe two or three years ago.  I saw the hair and wondered, then I heard her sing and was fascinated.  I didn't follow her career, but I thought she had a fantastic voice and I was really hoping, because her life was troubled, that she'd get her life back on track.  And so I've found 60's vintage clothing to present in this blog this week.

Satin caftan,

by Eliza J.,

by Emilio Pucci,

Till next blog.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around ... With a New Look

My fascination with people who can turn a piece of clothing into something different will never end.  I already think it's a challenge to look at fabric and get an idea of what to make with it, but then there's an advantage; the designer knows approximately how much fabric is needed to make the design in mind.  

Designers who recycle clothes to make something new are on another playing field altogether.  How many pieces of old clothes will they need, what colours go together, should they dye the clothe,  if there's not enough of one type of fabric or colour, what do they combine it with?  I bet you (because I recycle clothes as well) that the designers don't even know what they're going to make until they have the old clothes in hand.

Here are a few exceptional clothes and accessories that have been made from old clothes:
by Gary Harvey,
by Goodone,
by Piece Lilly Purse Bags & Accessories,
Recycled clothes also are called green fashion and eco-conscious clothes.  It's a nice idea and good for the environment to make old things new again.  Till next blog!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Flashback: Canadian Fashion 2009

I like to look at fashion from the past.  How about you?  Since I'm on the "Oh, Canada" bandwagon (see last week's blog), this week I'm focusing on Canadian fashion designers. Canada has many gifted people.  I can list a lot of famous actors from Canada that are known.  I'm not so sure that the Canadian fashion designers are as well known worldwide, but they know their craft inside and out and deserve recognition as well. 

The designs from the following three Canadians are from their spring and summer lines for 2009.

by Eve Gravel, photo by Jimmy Hamelin,

by Dinh Ba Design, photo by Jimmy Hamelin,

by Andy The Anh, photos by Jimmy Hamelin,
A taste of the past. It's good to look back at times.  Till next blog!

Monday, July 4, 2011

I'll Wear These Bright Hues If...

Canada Day was this past Friday, and as I grow older, I appreciate being a Canadian.  Belated Happy Canada Day!  For the US, Happy Fourth of July!  You all know (well, the Canadians anyway) that the Canadian flag is red and white.  I have no problem with that.  I have a problem with red clothing though...let me add orange to the list.

Nothing against those who love those colors.  I just find red and orange very loud and demanding attention, and I'm kind of low key.  My challenge today was to find red and orange clothes that I would consider wearing.  The solution for me?  Both red and orange fabrics must be combined with other colors.  That I can live with.

Pleated striped tee by Ellos,

by Valentino,

Stargazer print dress by Ali Ro,

Designers, just add a little more length to the dresses for us modest women.  

Till next blog!