Friday, November 27, 2009

Modest Fashion

When I hear the word "modest" in connection with fashion, I instantly imagine clothes that cover properly certain parts of the body.  While many people believe modest clothing has to look functional rather than interesting, I beg to differ.  I've come upon a few websites that sell stylish and modest clothing.  Style, that's right up my alley.

The owner of Mika Rose started her business because she found a shortage of stylish modest clothing in Utah, where she went to university, and upstate New York, where she's from.  She started designing clothes for herself for the functions she attended.  Mika Rose was born out of this need.   What this designer offers are clothes that please fashion conscious ladies. (

Funky Frum is another clothing business that provides forward fashion with good coverage.  The blouses, skirts and dresses are suited for ladies who want to look unique without revealing parts of the body that don't need revealing.  (

 One more modest clothing website I have to mention.  Check C-Virtue for more stylish skirts, blouses and dresses for the woman of the 21st century.  C-Virtue was introduced this year, 2009, to the Toronto and GTA community.  Wishing C-Virtue success in clothing women in Ontario and abroad.  (

As Mrs. Garret, a character from The Facts of Life, (one of my favorite if not my absolute favorite 1980's sitcom) stated to one of the students on the show that was dressed a bit provocatively, "If you're advertising, you must be selling".  As girls and women, let's advertise integrity, decency and respect for ourselves and for others.  What we portray is what we'll receive.

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black dress with white trim -
brown skirt with ruffle hem - 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fashionistas Clothing Must Haves for Fall/Winter 2010

My list of must have clothing pieces for fall and winter 2010 is somewhat different than  other lists I've looked at today.  At least the lists, and mine, agree on three pieces of clothing, the boot, the military jacket and the knit sweater ( theirs mention chunky sweaters and mine mention the fitted turtleneck).  I'm not doing too bad!

According to and www, the clothing pieces to add to your wardrobe are:

  1. Thigh high boots
  2. Sheer clothing      (blouses, dresses)
  3.  Leather clothing  (skirts, jackets)  
  4.  Asymmetrical tops

  5.  Military jacket

  6.  Chunky knits
  7.  Capes and cloaks

The three items from this list that weren't on mine that I would also like to have are  the sheer blouse and dress, asymmetrical top and a chunky knit sweater.  I've been wearing sheer blouses that I've made over tank tops for the past few summers.  I'd like a sheer dress to wear over a strap dress, this is something I'll have to make.  I love loose sheers, they're easy to wear and allow the skin to breathe (but this doesn't apply for winter).  Asymmetrical blouses I find refreshing, somewhat out of the box, a bohemian look.  And for those of you that know I design bohemian style clothing, asymmetrical is definately up my alley.  Who can let a winter pass by without having a comfy sweater to wear,  especially for outings such as tobogganing and skating?  

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Thigh high boots -
Asymmetrical top -
Chunky sweater -

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Bit of Information on SK Clothes

I'm a designer that doesn't like to follow the crowd too much.  I thrive on designing something I haven't seen before and with a lot of color.  My style has a bohemian flare to it.  I work casually with a friend who's also a designer.  She had asked me to sketch some designs for her last year for a fashion show, but when she saw my sketches, she was very quiet.  She's a very sophisticated lady which is reflected in the clothing she makes. (I love what she does, they are beautiful pieces, but I can't see myself wearing her clothing 24/7.  I have a younger spirit.)  I'm keeping the designs to use myself in the future.

My aim right now is to create original clothing that is marketable.  I have to reign in myself sometimes, but I like what I come up with.  The two designs below look semi-futuristic.  Bringing up futuristic, check out a designer who's clothing reminds me of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985, starring Mel Gibson, co-starring Tina Turner) His name is Rick Owens.  The first Rick Owens' collection I saw online was the womens fall/winter 2009 collection, and I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised.  Here is a man that could work as a stylist for every futuristic movie that will be made.  View his designs on and

SK Clothes 

SK Clothes 
The clothing I try to make are easy to wear pieces with a combination of colours, especially if they are spring and summer clothing.  My fall/winter clothing will follow the same vein but with a little more detail.  Yes, I'm still working on it!  Hard times now.  Hopefully the day I show you some pictures will be the end of December. 

My daughter is quite the designer.  I have a collection of her clothing sketches and have made a few of her designs already.  Whenever I see her new drawings, my mouth drops, I'm quite inspired by her originality. 

Sweety bag, SK Clothes

She sketched this bag a couple of weeks ago, and I made the pattern and sewed it yesterday.  This was made with recycled fabric.  I really think it's cute, though I have to fine tune it a bit.  The girl has great potential!   While making it, I kept telling her it was a sweet bag, hence the name, Sweety Bag.   I'll be making a few more in different coloured fabrics.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

My Must Haves for Fall/Winter 2009-10

Many of us love to watch what the stars are wearing.  Many of us love to watch fashion tv.  Many of us love to dream of having a fabulous and expensive wardrobe.  But most of us have to watch our budget.

 I don't change my wardrobe too often.   I usually buy a few pieces each year to add to my wardrobe.  Yes, I sew, but I find I'd rather sew for others so I don't find time to design fantastic clothing to wear myself.  I do alter some of my old pieces to modernize them though.       


My must haves for  2009-10 are:    
1.  Turtleneck.  Fitted, monotone colour, narrow neck.               
2.  Scarves.  Long mult-coloured or one coloured scarves   
3.  Plaid semi-fitted shirt.  Narrow plaids please.
4.  Fitted jacket.  Traditional or military style.
5.  Long a-line skirt.  Preferably in denim or a dark colour.
6.  Ugg-style boots.  I don't need the original, just affordable.  

These are basic but stylish clothing that mixed and matched can change your look from business to casual.  
I've been following fashion websites and viewing what has been considered must haves for this winter.  Comparing my simple list and the fashionistas' lists will be interesting.

Till next blog.

turtleneck -
military jacket -
boots -