Saturday, July 31, 2010

SK's Stylish Man of the Week

Surfing Youtube a couple days ago, I stumbled upon Blair Underwood in a short video clip on a Black man hiking in California.  (I love Youtube.  You start out searching videos on one topic, and you finish with videos that have no connection to what you originally were researching.)  It was funny.  Then I clicked on the link about his novel (From Cape Town with Love) which he promotes through video about a bodyguard in Cape Town, South Africa.  It was watching these videos I saw him wearing a white shirt with white pants and a black blazer.  I was inspired. 

I searched Google to find a picture of this outfit in vain.  But there were other fantastic outfits this man put together wonderfully, but then he'd look good in a raggedy t-shirt.  

I first saw Blair on the Cosby Show.  If he wasn't a director, actor and writer,  he could be modelling for top agencies.  He has a beautiful wife and three lovely children.  This man has a wonderful sense of style. Loving the clothes.  Keep on being an inspiration!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Must be Missing Fifa...

I must still be missing Fifa, because I decided to look for traditional clothing from different countries yesterday.   It seems it takes special events like the Olympics or Fifa World Cup soccer competitions to cause people to realize just how big and diverse this world is.  And I say diversity is wonderful!

This big world has become a small world in terms of the fact that television, magazines, and travel has influenced people of many countries, if not all, to dress alike.  Everyone, for example, must know of the denim jean by now, and the t-shirt!  Anyway, let's appreciate the images of traditional clothing from five different parts of the world today, one of which is Spain, the Fifa World Cup winning country!


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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Appreciating Men's Fashion

I don't make men's clothing, but I decided to post pictures of men's clothing this week.  Most men wear the basics I guess.  As I've heard, they buy only what they need (the majority do; I'm sure there's a minority that just has to buy whatever is in fashion).

This is for the men out there, and for the women who have significant others.  You might get an idea of what to buy for yourself, and in the women's case, for your man.




The grey and khaki colored clothing just gives me a cool feeling, like a fresh breeze blowing, like sitting by a body of water.  If we have a heatwave next summer, I may very well focus on white, khaki and grey fabric for next year's spring and summer five piece line of SK Clothes.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashion as Art

People have to wear clothes everyday.  Some of us just throw on the first thing we see ( not particular about what we wear as long as most people are wearing it).  Others take great care in what they wear, probably spending a couple of hours the night before to mix and match to come up with the perfect outfit, perfect accessories, perfect hair.

There are those who wear clothes to make a statement:  "This is who I am"; "This is what I want to be"; "Look at me; don't I look different?"  (lol)

There are artistic clothes that can be worn and those that most people wouldn't wear, though they're beautiful and expertly made.  I admire greatly the designers who put together complex garments.  As someone told me years ago, designing and making patterns for clothing is almost like engineering.  I say the creative and artistic designers are fashion engineers.
                                     by Alice Palmer                           Unknown designer
                                                       by Valentino, 2008
                                                                 by Vera Wang                                                  

                                                           by Christian Dior, 2008

Hope you've enjoyed admiring these clothes as much as I have.  Till next blog!                                                           

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beautiful Native American Fashion

One of the groups of people I have a keen interest in are the Native Americans.  I've had an interest in them for a very long time.  I admire their traditional dress, and I love the freedom of life ( I call it that) they had before others came to their land.
There are many Native American fashion designers incorporating their people's designs into clothing creating beautiful garments.  I'll mention three today.

                                            by Dorothy Grant

 Dorothy Grant is a Haida from Ketchikan, Alaska who now lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.  She attended the Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design, graduating in 1988.  Dorothy opened a retail store in 1994 in the Sinclair Centre in Vancouver, B.C.  She includes Haida images of old legends of her people in her clothing.  Dorothy's works can be seen in museums.  Visit to see more of her couture designs.

                     by Patricia Michaels                         

                                          by Patricia Michaels

Patrician Michaels uses natural materials such as bamboo and silk hemp.  Patricia learned her craft from the Institute of American Indian Art and the Chicago Art Institute.  She lived in Venice, Italy for a while learning the art of contructing clothes from an Italian tailor.  View her collection at

                            by Virgil Ortiz                                 

                                              by Virgil Ortiz

Virgil Ortiz comes from a family of potters, and so that explains why his places pottery designs on some of his clothing.  Another familiar design seen on his clothing is the Pueblo cross symbol.  His company is called Indigene which also features bags and accessories.  Virgil's designs are sold in Scottsdale, Los Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles.  Go to to see more of Virgil's work.

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