Friday, March 26, 2010

Designing is a Family Trait

Spring, spring, where are you?  It is officially spring, but the weather is fluctuating a bit too much for my liking.  I can hardly wait for the flip flop weather.  Pedal pushers, t-shirts, sheer blouses, ahh, freedom from restricting coats, hats and gloves.

I have three things to show you.  I've finished another of my daughter's bag design.  My son, who loves to draw, cartoon figures in particular, made some designs last year of the types of hats and hoodies he'd love to wear.  Also, the mock wedding dress I said I would soon be making has been made, although it's a bit more understated than I had planned it to be.  No matter, it's my first attempt, and I'm looking forward to making a more detailed wedding dress sample in the future. 

The hat is made of three colors, two of which are appliqued.  The one seen is a medium size.  It can be made in small and large as well.  I like the originality of it, haven't seen anything like it as yet.  The designer gets an A+! 

There's a blue theme going on I guess.  This bag is made of recycled and new fabric.  The blue fabric was formally a jacket.  Which leaves the floral fabric to be the new.  This design was stiffened with interfacing.  It's lined with the floral fabric as well.  My daughter suggested that I sew a pocket in the lining, so I'll be adding one to the next bag I sew.

My attempt at making a wedding dress,  or, as it looks here, a formal white dress, was enjoyable.  The sheer nylon fabric was actually a curtain, and the slip was made from cotton fabric I found among my fabric stash.  I was nervous with the draping of the fabrics to make the dress.  I didn't make patterns for them, I just used my judgement and cut, and draped, and tried to make an interesting design.  The sleeves and the neckline, which is ruched, are pleasing to me.  Sometimes working organically produces surprising but pleasing results.  The slip should be longer though.  Sometimes what you think of and what it actually looks like are two different things.

I am selling on eBay once again. I used to have an eBay basic store, but due to circumstances, I'm selling designs individually, which is more affordable for me cost wise.  You can find them under SK Clothes plus the name of the item you may be interested in.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Second Life for Fabrics and Paper

With so many people designing clothing lines, notably the stars and top designers who can buy new fabric every season, my imagination would start going and I'd sometimes wondered what was done with all the old clothing that wasn't bought in secondhand stores.  I don't have to worry too much though.  The designers of recycled clothing, paper and other products are large in number and growing, and their imagination knows no boundaries!

Preloved is a store that sells designs made from  fabric from vintage clothing.  Started in 1995 by a former model Julia Grieve and her friend Peter Frieson, they have three stores, one in Toronto, one in Montreal and the other in Australia.  Musicians, models and actors, such as Hilary Duff and Kate Hudson, purchase Preloved pieces.  The website for Preloved is

Katherine Soucie is a designer based in Vancouver who uses an unusual fabric: used and new nylon hosiery.   The hosiery is dyed, cut in pieces, silk-screened and then heat set before being draped and sewn to make clothing.  This is a very unique idea.  View the designs at

Love bags?  Consider buying a bag made from candy wrappers or soda can pull tops.  It sounds bizarre, but the finished results from the designer of Ecoist are fantastic and attractive.  Paper and other products from factories that  have been misprinted and/or overaged are used by this company to make their creations rather than being thrown in landfills.  You have to look at the website:

There are many more businesses using recycled fabric and other products.  I will keep searching for them.  Till next blog!

multi-colored sweater -
candy wrapper bag -

Friday, March 12, 2010

Working on and Looking at New Designs

I'm currently working on my daughter's clothing sketches.  I told her that I wanted some of her pieces included with my spring summer line, and  I told her to choose  five designs from her countless clothing sketches  for spring and summer 2010.  I chose a sixth piece, a dress,  from her sketches that I like just as much as her choices.  

So it looks like I'm making patterns for ten to eleven pieces of clothing (this includes my five clothing pieces) as well as cutting, sewing and fitting.   She's going to have to help a little though.  This will be her "on the job training" in making a garment.  As she's the younger, I'm working on her designs first.  I'm wondering whether to combine both mini clothing lines in one video or two.  I'll ask her...  She may want  her own video to show friends and promote her talent I have no problem with that.   I'm excited; her designs are youthful and innovative and mine are casual, stylish pieces.

I was looking at clothing online again, one of my favorite hobbies as you must know, and I saw some very nice pieces by well known designers.  I like their aesthetic very  much.  The coral and brown suit was designed by Chado Ralph Rucci.  The black  ruffle dress was designed by Lanvin.  They are strong designs that are absolutely 21st century.

Speaking of the 21st century, if your into futuristic looking clothing like I am, you have to see the fall 2010 clothing lines on  I was so excited when I viewed some of the designs.  There weren't too many references to past decades in the designs.  I don't know if many of them are marketable right now, but they are sure fun to view.   Haider Ackermann, Barbara Bui, Pringle of Scotland and Karl Lagerfield are the designers whose clothing lines I've looked at so far.  I'm not finished yet, I'm going to look at more when I can.  I'll make mention of more clothing lines I love once I see them.

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coral and brown suit by Chado Ralph Rucci -
black ruffle dress by Lanvin -

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two Designers and a Fashion Show

It's Saturday morning, and I need a coffee.  I've been staying up late a few nights now, watching t.v., mostly the news, and the lack of sleep is taking it's toll.  Luckily I did my house chores yesterday, so I can relax and watch a movie or two...

What kind of fashion week did you have?  Maybe I should ask you that once spring arrives.

While on Facebook, I linked to a business called Just Long Shirts.  This is a great idea to specialize in making one type of clothing.  Just Long Shirts has a variety of tunics, long sweaters, shirts and blouses which are suitable for all body types.  These shirts are fashionable for the fashion concious, and cover the "back of the hips" for those who are into modest clothing.  They can be worn with pants, jeans, capris and leggings.  I believe I'll have to buy one.  Besides, tunics are in this year.  This company should do very well.  Take a look at their clothing at

I recently found out about a designer who's business is called Metropolitan Frock Shop.  Metropolitan Frock designs vintage inspired clothing, and what I've seen are beautiful pieces made of rich looking fabrics.  Dresses seem to be the designer's specialty, but there are jackets added to her 2010 collection as well.  Metropolitan Frock has a gorgeous wrap poncho that I am definately going to enquire about, it is so me!  Look at the poncho and other pieces of clothing on  Also check out what other items are for sale at

For those of you living in Toronto/GTA area (Ontario, Canada), C-Virtue is having a fashion show to reveal her 2010 collection on Monday March 29, 2010.  C-Virtue specializes in modest and fashionable attire for ladies.  The show starts at 7pm and it's free, but you need to make an appointment to get the tickets.  You can get the location and more information at the website at

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yellow shirt -
beige floral jacket -