Saturday, May 28, 2011

For Men: Summer Colors, Summer Lengths

I was surfing channels last week when I heard the hosts of E Talk Canada (that's an entertainment news show, sister to the US program E Talk) mentioning what was in for men's clothing for spring and summer 2011.   And so I paused on that channel for the segment.  They said that grey and light colored suits are in for men.  Men's shorts should be slim lined and either just reach the knee or middle of the thighs (personally, I prefer the knee length for teens and men), and an accessory (made popular by Johnny Depp) that men should add to their spring and summer wardrobe is the light weight scarf, double wrapped around the neck.
by Calvin Klein,
Board shorts,
I saw a few male t.v. personalities wearing grey suits with blue shirts over the past few months.  Blue and grey go so well together, at least for me.  Till next blog!

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's All About the Print

It's all about print this week.  One way to add interest to a garment is to use printed fabric.  I think it's best to wear  medium to large prints on simple silhouettesA complex silhouette in medium to large print fabrics would be a bit too overpowering.  To me, clothing made of  printed fabrics is a form of wearing art.   Kudos for the textile designers who help make the clothing designers' job a lot of fun. 

Mosaic print dress by Emilio Pucci,

by Coast Jinny,

Vintage 1960 dress,

Oasis blue folk dress,
Till next blog!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Delicate Lace - A Pretty Touch

When I saw that Kate Middleton's wedding dress included lace among the fabrics, I thought ahead to dedicating a blog to lace clothing.  What I found I find very pretty and some of pieces are innovative.  For instance, I'd never think of using lace to make pants, but someone did, and I like the result.

by Kim Co,
Lace really does make clothing more feminine and delicate looking.  I hope I get a chance to experiment with lace this coming summer.  The results are pleasing.  Till next blog!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Was Inspired by This Junior Miss

My daughter was dressing last Thursday to go to the "One World" show that she and my son participated in and which was held at their high school .  I attended, missing the cultural foods segment for the third year in a row (I don't know why, I love to eat), and saw the talent show and modelling segment.  I had a good time as well as everyone else.  I just loved when a group of students jumped up and down whooping for certain groups of students dancing cultural dances on stage.  Young people have sooo much energy!

Anyway, the ensemble my daughter put on caused me to stop and tell her I had to take her picture, it was an inspired moment.  Maybe I've seen the look before, but not on her.
I want to dress like that!   Here's another look she put together to attend church Sunday morning.  I like that the look is modest, age appropriate, and stylish.

She made some very nice bags as well.  A friend of hers asked her to make one for her.  I asked her to make one for me!

I'm posting these to my new website called Designers and Deals.  The site is for the purpose of promoting crafters and designers products with their contact information for all interested in purchasing from them.  One designer is currently discounting prices for her items.

Till next blog!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

William and Kate are Married!

Prince William and Kate are married!  What a wonderful wedding!  I was up at 3 am Friday morning watching the wedding guests arrive at Westminster Abbey.   I was impressed with Victoria Beckham's attire; as simple as the dress was, it was stylish and light (the fabric was, the dress was navy blue).  David Beckham looked good in his morning suit too.  Oh, and Pippa Middleton, Kate's sister, wore a lovely form fitting, mermaid hem cowl neck bridesmaid dress in white.  All the guests looked wonderful.
Kate the bride, and Pippa the bridesmaid,
Prince William looked so proud of his wife!  I'm sure many people wished that Princess Diana could have lived to see her first child get married.  The fact that Prince William gave Kate his mother's engagement ring and that they were married in Westminster Abbey, where the funeral for Diana was held, was indeed William's way of "including" his mother.  That's so sentimental.  I believe Kate married the right man, and William married the right woman.
Pippa Middleton,
The English royal and well to do ladies are famous for the unique hats in various sizes, designs and colors they wear on certain special occasions.  My friend had stopped by in the afternoon and thought that some of the ladies had put their hats on wrong (lol).  I explained that the small hats precariously perched right above some of the ladies' faces were purposely placed there, held in place with pins, or some device.  
David and Victoria Beckham,
Kate's wedding dress!  Beautiful!  It suits her style perfectly!  It's a fitted torso and full skirt with long sleeves and v-neck high collar in lace.  The train was 2 metres, not as long as I thought it would be.  That the dress was designed by a creative director, Sarah Burton, for Alexander McQueen was a surprise because I would have expected something more space aged and complex.  Instead, Kate looked classic and beautiful (and William and Harry looked handsome in their uniforms).  A t.v. personality mentioned that the dress reminded her of Princess Grace, and this is so true.  My guess for the type of dress Kate would wear was very close (check my blog "Wedding Dresses for a Future Princess").  I've heard a couple people say that sleeved wedding dresses may make a come back now, thanks to Kate!  And I say, thank you Kate for that!

Till next blog!