Friday, December 31, 2010

Dresses to Celebrate In

 The beginning of the new year is just at our doorstep.  Happy New Year everyone, and a belated Merry Christmas!  Many people will be celebrating the coming of 2011 tonight.    I found a few attractive and unique dresses online that I think many women would love to wear to bring in the new year.  What will you be wearing?

by Igigi Limited Collection,

 What am I wearing, you may be asking?  Hmmm...  I don't know yet... I'll choose something a couple of hours before I'm ready to go out...  I'll try to put together something unusual.

 I hope that 2011 is a year of inward peace and contentment for you all.  Happy New Year!  Till next blog!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Under $25 Christmas Shopping

I've started my Christmas shopping last week, and I'm not spending a lot on one person.  The price of each present has to be under $20.00.  I can't spend like I used to on others, and many of you understand.  We're in the same boat.
It's not the price of the gift, it's the thought.  Many of us have been mislead, I think, in believing that the more that is spent on us, the more valuable we are and the more appreciated we are.   Not so.  I think the economic downturn is a good thing in only one way; people have to live within their means and be thoughtful about their purchases, which in turn means buying gifts that are affordable and were thoughtfully chosen to be purchased (which is the value and appreciation part).  This is no time to try to keep up with the Jones' anymore and go broke (or should I say, become even more broke!).  Which is making me kind of "home" sick for the 70's...

Here are some nice clothing and accessories for under $25.00.  This is my type of shopping...

Sweet Pea turtleneck, $16.35,

Denim jacket, $15.00,

Gramicci Cedar shirt, $17.93,

Kenneth Cole wallet, $15.00,
Element Wray skate shoe, $24.00,
Enjoy shopping wisely in the following week.  Till next blog!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Color and Print - Mens' Cotton Shirts

 All right, I'm not sure what or who inspired me to look at mens' shirts this week.  My brother went clothes shopping today, but, no, I've had the urge to research mens' shirts from earlier in the week.  I'm sure I must have seen a man's inspirational shirt this week which sent me down this road.

Men may not have a lot of different silhouettes to wear, like we women do, but there seems to be a variety of prints and colors in cotton shirts.  I'd like the uncommon colors to be used more, like navy blue, hunter green, brown, and taupe as well as graphic prints for mens' shirts.
Vintage Red blue tunic,
Vintage Red shirt,
John Lewis cotton shirt,

Burton Black grey shirt,

 Till next blog!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Experimenting and Keeping a Promise

When we get too preoccupied, we tend to forget what we said we would do.  It's not a good thing, but it happens none the less.  I've remembered a bit too late (but late is better than never) that I said in my blog titled "What a Girl Wore to Two Weddings" (May 22, 2010 post) I would post full pictures of a dress I made for my daughter for a wedding when she was around 9 years old.  Well, I'm finally keeping my word (lol).   

The dress is a girl's size 8/10 and has a vintage look.  My daughter looked really lovely in it.   

Vintage look girl's dress, front,  by SK Clothes

Vintage look girl's dress, back, by SK Clothes

Vintage look girl's dress, SK Clothes

The reversible tunic below was in response to the blog I posted last week (Stretch Your Dollar - Buy Reversible, November 27, 2010).  My daughter wanted me to make her a hoodie.  Due to time constraints, we agreed to my making a top for her.  Well, I decided to try making a reversible top and ended up with a tunic that reaches almost mid-thigh.  It will be good for the winter season due to it's thickness from two layers of clothe.

Reversible tunic, SK Clothes

Reversible tunic, SK Clothes

Reversible tunic, SK Clothes
I will be experimenting with making another reversible garment,  maybe a reversible pant with the same blue and black fabrics.  I bought quite a lot of both since they were on sale.   You can check out for other SK Clothes designs.  Till next blog! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stretch Your Dollar - Buy Reversible

Looking at a Sears catalogue I received during the past week, I saw a spring dress (yes, Sears is already giving a head start on spring showing a bit of spring clothing for sale now, near the end of November...  ) with an interesting cut out design near one shoulder and a bow as a finishing detail.  It's a sleeveless dress, knee length, and reversible!  There are two color choices: one is cobalt blue, reversible side being black, the other color choice is black and white print, the reversible side, blackIt is sweet!  That's two dresses in one for $60.00, or a dress for $30.00.  I think that's affordable.

Could we live in a reversible fashion world?  That would mean, if we purchase reversible clothes on sale, a very good savings.  It would very literally be a two- for- one sale.  That would mean we'd have more room in our closets and drawers.  That would mean, for those of you who travel, light travelling with one little suitcase instead of two large ones.  What bliss! 

But seriously, I think reversible clothing is very convenient and a great idea.   It's especially a good idea buying this type of clothing for children.

Men's Hoodie -

Till next blog!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kudos for African Designers

According to one website, African fashion designers are on the cusp of going international.  No wonder.  There's a great amount of talented designers creating beautiful garments with both traditional and international fabrics and silhouettes.I was in heaven looking at the designs online!  Some of the designers have already shown their lines at fashion weeks in South Africa.

by David Tlale,
This is just a taste of the art coming out of Africa.  Some names of top African designers the rest of the world has to be introduced to:  ChiaChialondon, Tiffany Amber, David Tlale, Thula Sindi, Deola Sagoe, St. Genevieve, Christie Brown, and Marie Christine Quenneville.  Google each name to see their work.  You won't be disappointed!

Till next blog!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sooooo Blue

This post is devoted to the color blue.  Put several colors together and my eyes are immediately drawn to that cool hue.  Some blue things I love:  the sky, blue birds, lakes, blue berries, blue cheese (lol, that's a joke; I do like blue cheese though...)  
Here are a few more beautiful blue things I like: 
A version of Helmut Lang's jacket -
Till next blog!

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Sweater Weather

I'm sitting by my glass balcony door right now and feeling the cold.  It's sweater weather again folks!  I love sweaters, they're so comforting and warming.  There are so many versions of the sweater for women.

Fashion designers, I think there's a niche still open.  I had a time looking for unique stylish sweaters for men.   Maybe men don't buy anything too different from what they're used to seeing and wearing currently.   Argyle, solid dark colors, and horizontal stripes are some of the popular sweater styles for men.  Maybe I should work on designing unique sweaters for men myself for fall/winter 2011...

Billabong Yorkshire Sweater,

BKE Speckled Cardigan,

Element Snuggle Sweater,

Dunmoran Hoodie,

Ergo Sweater,

Sport Obermeyer Quandry Cardigan,
I don't know about you, but I think some of the very style forward websites have some unusual names.  Maybe I should change SK Clothes to something more catchy...
Till next blog!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Additions to SK Clothes

I have three more pieces of clothing, one designed by me, and two designed by my daughter, to add to the SK Clothes collection.  The Party Dress (which I've named the dress I made) is made of three blouses: one was an aqua silk shirt, one was a burgundy polyester shirt, and the last one was a textured polyester sleeveless blouse.   It came out beautifully.  The white blouse, by my daughter, is made from a polyester fabric.  It has a drawstring at the hem.  The shorts are made from black cotton, and it's pleated from front to back.  It has a left side zippered one-button opening.  The pieces are roomy and comfortable.  The blouse and shorts could be dressed up with black tights and black low-heeled shoes or boots for a Christmas/holiday look.  Check my website portfolio at:

Party dress by SK Clothes

Drawstring blouse and pleated shorts, SK Clothes

Pleated shorts by SK Clothes
 Working on more pieces next week.  Till next blog!