Saturday, August 22, 2015

Young Africa Designs

 Aaaahhhh.... the young African fashion designers (by young, I mean anywhere from 18 - 45 years old, lol...) are creating some incredible clothes.  I saw some innovative designs by Africans, online, that made my mouth drop.  There are some fantastic ideas in terms of silhouettes ( take a look at Blacktrash designs for example.... yes, the name astounded me, but the clothing is phenomenal...) and there are lovely combinations of fabrics, colors and prints.   Applause!


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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Flattering Flats Fad

 Last Saturday evening, I took my daughter shopping for shoes.  We had both finished work in the evening, and she called my cell and asked if I wanted to shop for shoes.  I was ready to go home and take it easy, but I decided to go with her.  I did promise her a week before  that I would treat her to a pair of shoes, so better to go Saturday than a few days later.  And I did spend quality time with my son on Friday (took him to a movie) so it was the daughter's turn.

Well, she found a fabulous pair of 2" (they might be 3" high actually) wedge heeled sandals  with a great brown print on the wedges, the strapped part in black.  I told her even I would wear those shoes (if I were able to stand in high heels longer than half an hour) because they look just lovely.  But I don't wear heels higher than 1".  Love to be comfortable in my clothing and accessories.  I did buy a couple of flats about a month ago, one a cherry red color, and very comfortable, and the other in a light brown color with a hint of an orange tint.   And so this post is dedicated to flats (and a sandal).

Till next time, next blog!