Monday, September 27, 2010

Children's Clothing - Very Unique Pieces!

I haven't done a blog  on children's clothing, have I?  I've sewn some children's clothing before, and so I'm a bit ashamed of myself for not posting pictures of children's clothes.  My teens are almost grown up, and so my focus obviously are on clothing for young people and adults, but when I see unique children's clothes, I wish I could have purchased a few for my two when they were younger... well, if I were wealthy.

The pieces I've posted are very nice, and somewhat expensive.  For those who can splurge a bit more on their children, investigate and

Mignone Blue Cinderella Tunic Dress,  

Luna Luna Copenhagen Motorcycle,
Morf's Brand Grey Grover Tee,  

Imagine Greenwear Safari Tee,

Kenzo Boys 

 IKKS Boys Cargo Coat,   www,
  Till next blog!             

Saturday, September 18, 2010

SK Clothes Styling for Fall 2010

I was impatient to do another video for SK Clothes because I'm still in the middle of sewing my daughter's line (yes, the summer line, but I already have a vision of how the summer pieces can be translated into fall pieces).  I had just bought the fabric in late August, but I found the exact fabric colors she wanted for her designs, and I bought them all on sale too!  It dawned on me to become a fashion stylist for a few hours yesterday and use SK Clothes designs with clothing from my daughter and my closets to make fresh fall looks for the junior miss age group.

We had fun, and, of course, my daughter was the model.  She took it up a few  notches with her poses for the camera.  

                          Cowl top by SK Clothes                          Fuschia dress by SK Clothes

                                              Mushroom sleeve sweater by SK Clothes

There are more fantastic outfits on the video.

I hope you've enjoyed the video.  If you can tell me three clothing pieces from the video that are SK Clothes designs,  you could win a glass bead necklace by RayB for SK Clothes.  Till next blog!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's National Fall Hat Month!

It's September again, this year is flying by quickly!  Last year I happened to find out that the fourth week of September is National Hat Week.  People are encouraged to wear felt and clothe hats.  I did say in my last blog I'd post some pictures of hats.  

A very brief history on hats: Hats are worn for protection, as a status symbol, as part of a uniform, and also as an art form.  It's not known when the first hat was made.  Before the 17th century, women's hats were based on men's designs.   With the beginning of the 17th century came a demand for miliners (which means maker of women's hats), most likely to fill the need for hats portraying a woman's status in society.  In the 1960's with the big hairstyles and wigs being all the rage, hats became unpopular.  I remember when Princess Diana was introduced to the world, in 1980, and hats became part of her ensemble; many women started wearing hats again.  Today, the slouch hat, skull cap and baseball cap seem to be most popular.

There are two styles of hats which are brim and brimless.  There are two forms of hats which are the cap and the hat.  Here's a look at some wonderful hat and cap designs:

By Anne Rizzo - Italy
By Kathy Jeanne -
by Seeburger -
 by Nigel Rayment -
Here are a look at my son's hat designs, improved.  I made the pattern pieces smaller so the hats hug the head alot better. 

                                                    by SK Clothes

He changed the look by wearing the hat sideways, or so I thought.  He says the design is to be to one side of the head.  That's original.

Well, I hope that some of you who don't normally wear hats will.  I'm going to make myself a slouch hat in clothe and see what happens.  I'll try to get it done to wear for the fourth week of September.  Till next blog!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not Your Ordinary Ladies' Suits

This month of September is hat month (which I found out accidentally last September).  I was surfing the net to find unique hats and was sidetracked when I found a website containing elaborate hats and beautiful ladies' suits.  Well, the suits do have matching hats, so I fulfilled my purpose today (but I'll fully focus on hats the end of this week).  These suits I typically see worn by women attending certain denomination churches.  They could also be worn for Easter, I guess, and weddings.  Do you think that these suits, minus the hats, could ever be worn for business purposes?   I'm still thinking about that one....

by Terramina,

by Lynda Couture,

by Champagne Italy,
by Night Studio,

by Night Studio,

All these beautiful suits were found on the Make Me Over Fashions and Designs website which is  I can see the pink, the "fourth of July" (it could be if white was included) and the solid purple suits being worn in a business office.   Why shouldn't color be connected to professionalism?  Isn't it time for change?  Lol....  Don't wear the hat to the office, though...

Take notice of the hats.  Big, elaborate, and attention-grabbing.  And here is one more hat to get you ready for hat month. 

                                       by Esclusive Hand Beaded Church Hats

Sooooo pretty!  Till next blog!