Friday, March 25, 2011

I Chose Two Men of Style This Week...

It's men of style week, for me anyway!  I had fun looking for Blair Underwood in his stylish duds and it's been a while since I posted that blog.

I have two men of style this week.  They're both actors.  The challenge for me in the future is to find men of style in other sectors of society.  Television and magazines really do influence us; we mostly see and hear quite a bit on the entertainment industry.

Who doesn't know Denzel Washington?  A husband of a lovely lady, Pauletta, a father of four children, an accomplished actor, and, I must say, a man of style!
 From my research, Denzel seems not to be a fussy dresser, but he dresses in contemporary easy pieces which are suitable and fashionable for a mature man.  I enjoyed watching him act in the movies Glory and The Book of Eli, both excellent movies.  These are only two of many Denzel's been in.

The second man of style this week is Anthony Mackie.  I recognized his face, but didn't know his name until yesterday.  He's acted in many movies, a few of which I've seen and enjoyed.  Anthony has acted in Eagle Eye (I saw it - very good!), Freedomland (I want to see it!), and We are Marshall (a football movie- it's also good!).

Photo by James Edstrom,
Anthony has a modern and fun urban sophisticate  sense of fashion.  I like how he puts the seperates togetherLooks like he likes to experiment, and he does it successfully.

Two thumbs up for two well-dressed men.  Till next blog!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Long Skirts are Back!

I am so happy to say that long skirts are back in fashion.  Spring 2011 and fall 2011 include this clothing style among the others for both seasons.  I read that it was in vogue from fall 2010, but I just found out today.  Am I ever glad.  I find the skirts one inch below the knee or longer much more comfortable to wear.  No need to worry about too much leg showing when sitting.

Now I'll have to buy some inexpensive fabrics and make a couple flowing a-line skirts for myself.  Right now I have a few business look straight calf-length skirts.  My fun side has to come out.  Here are a few of the long skirt styles I find fashionable:

by Dries Van Nortan,
Till next blog!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Simple Designs with a Twist

It's March break and almost spring.  Is it me, or did this winter go by much faster than last year?  I honestly can't believe my teens have completed half of the school year already! 

It's apparent that people, overall, prefer clothes with clean lines, clothes with no fuss (example, the t-shirt, the denim jean, the slim skirt).  I may not understand why some people don't want to experiment with different silhouettes, but I guess it makes life a lot more simple; streamlined clothes are easier to mix and match (especially solid colored clothes), and many people have other things to think about besides clothes.

This past week I focused on simplicity.  I like to make unusual and unique clothes, but I'm trying to reign myself in, for a few months anyway.  I'm finally sewing for myself as well.  I don't usually sew for me, I prefer to serve others, but this year I decided to remember myself as well.  Here are a couple of samples of tops and a hat. 


                             by SK Clothes

The printed top was a much wider and long sleeved top.  I took off 6 inches from the sides in total and cut the sleeves, but before this was done, I placed a print design made by my son on it.  He said it looked like an antique print.  I think he liked the result, but he'd like it on regular t-shirts.  I like the sleeveless top.  My twist on it, of course, was trimming the armhole and neckline with a brown and tan print polyester fabric.  I decided to make the belt last minute to add interest.  I love my ruffle hat design as well, and I will be wearing this alot. I serged the flower applique with brown thread.  There's a black and brown theme going on with all 3 designs, isn't there?  This happened naturally...

Till next blog!