Friday, September 23, 2011

Milan Fashion Week 2007

September is the month for fashion designers to present their clothing creations for the spring and summer season for the following year.  Leave it to me to be also looking at photos of fall and winter clothing for 2007 from Milan Fashion Week.  I have to say, all the clothing posted today can be worn this year, and probably the next year and the next.  The pieces are very current still.

Have you ever been interested in attending a fashion week?  Here's what I found out.  For the Milan Fashion Week, for example, about 100 fashion shows are presented.  The audience are made up mostly of vip's and people in the fashion industry who've been invited.  It's rare to be able to purchase tickets, but if you can, they cost between $450 - $1300.  If you're desperately want to attend, there's one more way you can if you can't afford tickets.  Dress in your best outfit, wait outside where the shows are being held, and maybe, just maybe one of the few fashion editors with complimentary tickets to be given to fashion fans will choose you to attend.

Antonio Marras, Milan Fashion Week 2007,

Haute, Milan Fashion Week 2007,

Missoni, Milan Fashion Week 2007,

Unknown designer, Milan Fashon Week 2007,

Brioni, Milan Fashion Week 2007,
I love the color combinations, the draping, and the layering of fabrics.  Till next blog!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Plaid's New Look

When one thinks of plaid, let me correct myself, when I think of plaid, I think of the 1970's.  I was younger then and plaid was one of the fabrics that was popular.  I remember clearly the plaid pants that my mother purchased for me and my sister (along with platform shoes) that I, and I believe she, were very proud of.  Most likely we were going to debut our new and far out look on the first day of school.  Ahh, memories.   

The plaid originated from Scotland, where the name for plaid is tartan.  Plaid, in Scotland, is the name for tartan fabric placed on the shoulder or a blanket.  The plaid, or tartan, was, and continues to be, made in wool, usually for clan identification and for kilts, but now we can purchase this fabric in any material, and any style as well. 

Girl's dress,


by Mod Retro,

by Mod Retro,

Plaid is looking even better.  Till next blog!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So Suitable for Fall - Leather and Suede

I received my avon catalogues two days ago.  While looking through the Avon book campaign #20, I read "fall is all about leather and suede".  When you think about it, Avon is absolutely right.  Leather and suede are colored usually in dark and neutral colors such as black, brown and tan, and are strong materials.

1982 jacket,
The first time, I think, my full attention was brought to leather was through the guy I had a crush on in grade 11 and 12 in high school.  His usual "uniform" was a white t-shirt, denim jeans, and a black leather jacket.  From then I loved black leather jackets.  I wonder what he's doing now?

Dior Nappa Patent Leather Tote,

Suede jacket,

Suede Booties,

Trendy men's leather hoodie jacket,
Till next blog!