Saturday, August 28, 2010

Belting It

An accessory that I haven't payed too much attention too for some time is the belt, although Michelle Obama has brought it to the forefront within the past year or two.  I remember seeing Mrs. Obama wearing a blouse, an open button front sweater and a belt to keep the sweater in place.  What I thought was unusual was the open sweater; I'm used to closed buttoned sweaters with a belt.  She started a new trend.  I respect that.  And the belt has my attention again. 

Here are some examples of trendy and beautiful belts from two popular designers and two companies that are new to me.  Belts come in so many colours, widths and designs.  There's got to be a belt out there for any and every woman.

by Rewards, 
 by Valentino, 2009,


by Marc Jacobs,

Be sure to belt an outfit in the coming week.  Till next blog!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Comfortable Style

This is my look for fall and winter 2010.  The clothing and accessories are all pieces that have been in style before and even last year.  The look is so flattering it has to be popular a few more years.  It's a nice casual look with a bit of flare.  Simple lines, easy fit, stylish and comfortable.  Notice that the leggings aren't absolutely clinging to the legs but have a very slight loose fit.  The tunique can be a long blouse or a short dress, as long as it reaches mid thigh.  The scarf adds extra interest to the look, and the boots (flat heels, yeah!)  are pure comfort and compliments the leggings.
The second group, still the same pieces as above, looks slightly dressier.  I just love the grey uggs!  It's not a common color for boots at all, but it looks good.
What will you be living in this fall and winter?  Till next blog!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

If I Could Collect Handbags...

I'm a frugal person by necessity.  But if I had the funds to buy what I wanted rather than what I needed, I would have a big collection of bags.  This is the accessory that I find has a purpose, (besides the belt) though I believe we women get carried away with it.  What exactly do we put in the gigantic bags that have been in style for some time? 

I find the bigger the bag I carry, the more I put in it.  When I thought about it, I didn't really need everything in there.  This summer I've been using a flat black shoulder bag from Avon (it's about 4 years old now) which forced me to use a smaller wallet (actually it's a little purse) and all I bring with me now is a lip balm, handcream, my phone book, sunglasses, business cards,  my cell phone, a mirror, pen, and any slim small booklet that I can read if travelling (that still sounds like a lot, but it fits in the slim bag).   What do men carry?  Themselves and a wallet in the back pocket.

Here are some fun colorful bags I took a fancy to.  I love the ALDO line of bags which can be found at  The prices for most of these bags are under $40.00.  What a bargain!




                                    Coach handbags,                                            
Just to let you know, the blue bag by ALDO is only $19.98!!  That's one bag I have my eye on...  Till next blog!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two of My Favorite Designers

One of my favorite programs on television is Project Runway.  For those of you that live in the United States, there's a sister program called Project Runway Canada.  For those of you that surf Youtube, you can find short exerpts of Project Runway Australia, Project Runway Phillipines, there's another country I can't remember that also has their version of Project Runway, all cousins to the original, lol.  Anyway, I discovered two of my favorite designers through the program.   

                      Rodney Epperson                             

                                                by Epperson 

                                                  by Epperson                                      

Rodney Epperson, who was on Project Runway season 6, was a well known designer before the show.  He's designed for Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and also the late John F. Kennedy Jr.!  Epperson's first collection was shown in 1994, after a successful stint at designing and selling accessories to Traffic in Los Angeles, and Barney's in New York City.  The Epperson Studio in located in Brooklyn, New York.

                                             Shernett Swaby                                  

by Shernett Swaby,
 by Shernett Swaby,
Shernett Swaby, a contestant on Project Runway Canada 2007, was born in Jamaica.  Swaby studied at the International Academy of Design in Toronto, graduated in 1998, and immediately started an underwear collection for both men and women.  Her desire was to start clothing collection for women which she started when she opened her boutique in 2001 and she now has completed six collections.  Shernett moved to Chicago in 2009 to open another boutique called Shernett Swaby.  Her website is  

Project Runway season 8 is being shown in the US now.  I'm waiting impatiently for it to be shown in Canada.  Till next blog!