Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fashion Catching Up to Millenium

 I think that finally high fashion is catching up to the millenium.  I viewed the fall 2013/14 collections online, and I'm applauding the majority of the designs to be sold this fall, though I'm in no hurry for September to come right now.  I'm enjoying the warm spring weather we're experiencing and I want it to take its sweet time before seasons' change.

Designers' are thinking outside of the box.  The clothes are looking similar to attire worn by actors in the futuristic movies from years past.  Some designs have details that can be referenced to  previous decades, but they still retain individuality that keeps the clothes so refreshingIy current.   It's time to make these designs marketable enough at affordable prices for the public to start looking like we're living in the year 2013 and on.  Just one question:  I wonder how fashion will develop in the coming future?  Maybe the next wave of movies  will soon give us a hint.

Peter Pilotto Fall 2013 ,

Dennis Basso Fall 2013,

Hussein Chalayan Fall 2013,

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Eclectic Canadian Creativity

I believe when you see a Canadian collection, you know its a Canadian collection.  I'm still struggling for the one word or phrase to describe Canadian fashion.  I'm proud that people can't make the mistake of labelling Canadian clothes with another country's name or another continent. 

There's an element of experimental creativity with a somewhat sophisticated restraint.  I certainly can tell.  It may be the influence of many cultures that make up Canada that inspires the work of our designers.  I'll call it culturally eclectic.

Jean-Pierre Braganza spring 2013,

Jeremy Laing spring 2013,

Lauen Bagliore spring 2013,

Matis by Lucian Matis, spring 2013,

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