Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crossbody Bags - Many Variations

Crossbody bags... I love them.  They can be big enough to carry books, they can be small enough, a wallet on a string, to carry only money, lip balm and kleenex.  I much prefer the latter.  Don't like carrying too much with me, and this need increases as I get older.
I remember carrying a medium sized bag, say, 4 years ago.  I would like to know what I stuffed in it, it was heavy.  Then maybe 3 years ago, I decided to lighten my load and bought the small bags, one in white, one bright green, one in black and one taupe.  But I started to find it  annoying to constantly have my hands holding the short strap bags while shopping, while looking for my wallet to pay the cashier, ect.  When I decided to finally use my flat crossbody black bag I had ordered from Avon, revelation!  I was so pleased with my free hands and the fewer items I carried.  It's time for another crossbody bag for me. What color should I get?

Longchamp Blazane crossbody bag,

Till next blog!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Few Dresses That Get My Applause

Belated Happy New Year everyone.  And how is your year going so far?  

I think I'd like to start wearing day dresses for this year.  I'm usually in a blouse and skirt or pant.  A dress, one garment on instead of two, could possibly mean less time getting dressed.  

Here are a few dresses whose cut, color and assembly are soooo attractive.  I hope you enjoy.

by Jeremy Laing,

Floral check silk dresses Paul Smith,
Ombre dress,

I think I'm a fan of Jeremy Laing now.  If you see his picture, he looks like a kid, but his clothing designs are incredible, and he's Canadian!  Till next blog!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shoes with a Bit of a Wild Side, For Me Anyway...

Happy New Year everyone!  Did you make your new year's resolutions yet?  I remember last January that I didn't make any.  Well, this year I've made a couple resolutions.  One of them is changing my look, on a budget of course, but it can be done.  I'd like to color my hair and style it differently, I'd definitely want to portray the bohemian chic look I so love more often (I've been dressing a bit too conservatively, not purposely though - just wearing what's in my closet), and the most popular resolution:  lose weight!

One way I'd like to change my look is purchasing a couple of unusual shoes, if they're under $30 though.  I found online some heels that I admire and that look a bit risque for me, but I would love to purchase an inexpensive pair.  I don't wear heels higher than 1 inch, which makes the rose pink sandal just perfect, but I would try and walk at least 12 feet in one of the other three heels if I can find a similar style that's affordable.

Rally Heels, by Jeffrey Camprell,

Wild Rose Sivon - Criss Cross Open Toe Sandal,

Till next blog!