Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashionable Tunics and Bohemian Chic

I've been working, not as fast as I want to, on a couple new blouse designs with plans for more this summer.  I was looking at New York Magazine online and I was once again inspired, this time by the resort clothing for 2012 (that's right, I typed 2012!)That's just the push I needed to get sewing!  

I was tempted to do a blog on men's shirts this week as I've stumbled on some nice ones, but I'll do it next week.  I'm becoming even more keenly interested in men's clothes.

My friend, Paulina, owner of Le Couturier Haute Couture, designs and sews custom clothes for a living and has done this for many years.  She's made three very fashionable blouses for the website Designers and Deals which I've started to promote crafters and designers like us.  Paulina's website,, will be up some time this summer if you'd like to see more of her work.

Textured Tunic by Le Couturier Haute Couture

Flower print tunic by SK Clothes

These tunics and other clothing and crafts as well as the designers contact information can be viewed at

I have to end by adding this picture of my daughter.  Her ensemble is very bohemian chic.  I love it! 

Till next blog!

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