Friday, December 9, 2011

I Was Style Scouting...

I was on the bus Tuesday, and people watching as usual.  Tell me, do you notice the majority of people resort to black coats as soon as cold weather strikes?  My campaign to get more people to wear colored coats is floundering (LOL).  So, of course, the people wearing color got my attention.  Whether it was a coat or an accessory, anything in color  was refreshing.

I saw a lady come on the bus with a grey padded nylon winter coat with faux fur trimmed hood.  Lovely!

Another young lady came on the same bus.  She had a dark colored coat but what made it pop was the zebra print bag she had over her shoulder.  I suddenly loved the print.

On my way home, I was waiting at a bus terminal and letting my gaze pass over everyone there.  I spotted another young lady wearing grey harem pants with calf length boots and a military style coat.  If I had a camera with me...

Suede harem pants by Roberto Cavalli,
 Till next blog!

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