Monday, May 28, 2012

Stand Out News Anchors

I love watching the news.  Sometimes I'm flipping back and forth to several news channels that have the same time slot.  Well, being one who loves seeing fashionable people,  and being from the Toronto, Ontario area, I've (no surprise) spotted a few Toronto news anchors whose styles and personalities I admire.

You can let me know if there are any you admire I can post in a future blog.

Marci Ien, Canada AM,

Anne-Marie Mediwake, CBC News 5pm,

Wendy Mesley, CBC The National,

Andria Case, CTV News,

I'm loving the short hair on these women.  As we're inundated with long hair on women today, (and what is coming to my mind are the reality shows "The Housewives of whatever city you care to fill in here"), it's very refreshing to see short hair on some women.  An up-to-date cut combined with fantastic clothes is absolutey vogue to me.  I'm considering cutting mine.

Till next blog!

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