Monday, September 9, 2013

Avon Fashion Bargains!

I've bought from Avon for years.  The items I mostly bought were perfumed powders, lip balms and make-up.  Recently I've been buying Avon rings, I've got a thing for rings.  I love the convenience of shopping from home, ordering from the catalogue and waiting for the arrival of my purchases at my door via the Avon lady.

Avon has included clothing among it's merchandise for quite a few years now, and the clothes are chique and affordable.  If you go to the website, or if you have the catalogue, you will see that there's a clearance sale, and the prices are great for most items.  Here's a few of my picks of the great deals.

Cowl neck a-line dress, $16.99

Asymmetrical dress, $16.99

Crochet back dress, $19.99

Chained mule, $16.99

Metallic crochet flats, $12.99

Enjoy shopping from home.  Till next blog!

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