Monday, October 28, 2013

A Confection of Mixed Prints African Style

I attended an African wedding this month through a friend I met in September. The bride and groom were a handsome couple, loved the wedding gown and the suit. The traditional African dresses many ladies were wearing (I'd call a lot of them gowns, many had floor length dresses) were beautiful, colorful, some with prints.  The head wraps were regal.  The men were looking good, most of them in suits. I was not dressed as lovely as the ladies were, but I enjoyed the ceremony. Unfortunately, I didn't think I could take pictures of these women as it was a church wedding where the groom was a minister's son.  

Which led me to this week's post.  Looking for African gowns, I came upon these delectable outfits in beautifully printed fabrics.  The ones with multiple prints are even more exciting and engaging.  I think future fashion trends will embrace print mixing for commercial clothing.

Till next blog!

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