Tuesday, February 11, 2014

For Formal Occasions

I'm a casual kind of gal, even when I'm dressing up, but I do like to see people dressed for attention.  Thinking of spring (everyday now) and possible formal occasions that give the gentlemen and ladies an excuse to look their best, I came across fullylinedchurchsuits.com.  The clothes on this site can be worn to special church functions, weddings, and other formal functions.  Lovely clothes for the particular woman and man can be found here. 

Donna Vinci Sping and Summer 2014

Jerry T. Fall and Holiday 2013

Men's Designer Church Suits 2014

Mando Uomo Spring and Summer 2014

Nubiano Spring and Summer 2014

Man's Designer Church Suits 2014

The purple men's suit is very interesting.  I've never seen that color for a man's suit before.  Wondering if it will become a popular color choice sometime in the future.
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