Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Poncho Blouse

I bought a burgundy print knit fabric in June and at first was going to make harem capris.  When I looked at the fabric about 3 weeks ago, I decided to make a blouse.  What I made was inspired by a turtle neck poncho sweater I saw at Walmart a couple of months ago.  I made a short sleeve poncho blouse with a slit neck opening.  

I looked online for poncho blouses afterwards (wasn't sure I had the phrase correct) and many photos came up for the phrase.  Many beautiful blouses in various fabrics and sleeve lengths.  

Where was the poncho, the inspiration for the blouses, first made?  The poncho originated in Peru, according to Wikipedia, and worn by the Paracas about 500 
B.C.  Europeans adopted the clothing style many years later, and now the poncho is a fashion item for women in this day and age.  

by Gianni, poshmark.com

by Romeo $ Juliet Couture, anstyleclothe.com

by Roberto Cavalli, pinterest.com

Colleen Lopez Breeze Poncho Blouse, youtube.com

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