Monday, August 15, 2016

Trendy Olympic Uniforms 2016

I'm just enjoying the Rio Olympics, aren't you? Unfortunately, I didn't see the complete opening ceremony (saw over half).  I fell asleep, but not because I was bored.  I'll be drinking coffee during the closing ceremony to make sure I'm awake for the entire program.

We're now into the second week which includes one of my top favorite sports to watch, track and field.  So I'll be riveted to the tv for these next few days.

I think many of the uniforms worn during the opening ceremony (the ones I saw, and the ones I found online) for the Olympics were just on the mark.  Colors  and silhouettes were fun and somewhat experimental, if that can be said, for the start of a world competition.  

Shout out to the Canadian medal winners! And to the other medal winners from a few other countries I was also rooting for!  Here are just a few of the winning uniforms. Wish I could post all my favorites.




Czech Republic,


Till next time and blog!

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