Monday, September 28, 2009

Complicated Clothing

I'm having a good time looking at fashion websites where mere mortals can view what the popular fashion designers have concocted past and present.  I like what I see, although I'm surprised at what I like now.  What I like is not what I would wear though.  I'm just very impressed with the complicated ideas and the construction of some of the garments.

When I see a garment with a lot of draping and applique and embroidery (hopefully not all three together), my designing and sewing juices want to get going.  The more complicated the garment looks, the more of a challenge it was to create, and I love challenge.  Fashion is functional for most of us, and it can be art for those looking to make a bold statement.

Right now, I'm interested in making wedding gowns, I've had an interest in doing this for quite some time.  I'm planning soon, though, to make a mock wedding dress out of  sheer drapery fabric just to get going and see what develops. 
On Aura Tout Vu, Mode a Paris Haute Couture Spring Summer 2007-08

 On Aura Tout Vu  is a designer I'm not familiar with, but this designer's gown inspires me.   I would never wear this gown (too ostentatious), and pink is not my colour, but this is a shade of pink I find appealing and would wear,  and the amount of ruffles and where they are placed is attractive to me.  The ruffles are placed in such a way on this semi-form fitting dress to balance it evenly.  I would love to find out how long it took to make this.

 Lefranc Ferrant, Mode a Paris Haute Couture Spring Summer 2007-08

Lefranc Ferrant is another designer I haven't heard of, but I love how he draped this black dress.  The shape of the dress is simple, the length elegant and the amount of draping and where it's draped adds so much interest.  This I would definately wear.  The simple line with the interesting neck and torso would get appreciative looks for any woman who wore this.

Well, this week I'm working on a bag/backpack design.  I've made one sample and it looks cute, so I'm making more this week.  I may be reworking my fall/winter clothing designs, but once the bags and the clothing are done, I'll post pictures.  

Till the next blog.

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