Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall 2009

Summer is over, fall is here already. I can't believe it! The days are going by very fast... Which reminds me, time for fall and winter clothing.

I'm currently working on my fall/winter sample clothing for 2009-10. And it's already September 21. I know I'm late. Blame the lack of finances, but I hope to finish the samples by the end of October. Spring/summer sample clothing for 2010 will have to be worked on simultaneously so I can promote the spring/summer clothing from January on.

My fall/winter clothing will incorporate a bit of structure, some ruffles (ruffles are all the rage now), and of course a Bohemian flare in some pieces. I won't be using too much black, if I use any black at all. You'll be one of the first to see my designs, so keep reading my blog.

The above design is from my spring/summer samples for 2009, but it could easily translate into fall because of the navy blue colour. I used two pairs of pants(as seen above), one light blue and one dark blue, to make this semi-fitted puffed sleeve j
acket. The facing and collar are made from navy blue cotton mix fabric I purchased at a fabric store.

Currently I'm looking at all the fashion websites I can. It's amazing what some of the successful designers are making. Some designs are really exquisite, some are mediocre, and some clothing designs made me really wonder what the designers' were thinking! There are ruffles almost everywhere for the fall/winter designs for 2009.

One of my favourite websites is If you love fashion, even though you may not be able to buy some of the designer pieces, take a free look at what's being sold on Bloor Street (Toronto) and Hollywood Boulevard ( California!)

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  1. Nice one, Sharon. I love the blog. I'll be checking back from time to time to see what's up. I'm book-marking this site. Don't be like me and let months go by without blogging. I like your pics and I hope you'll put some more of your fashion's up.