Friday, November 27, 2009

Modest Fashion

When I hear the word "modest" in connection with fashion, I instantly imagine clothes that cover properly certain parts of the body.  While many people believe modest clothing has to look functional rather than interesting, I beg to differ.  I've come upon a few websites that sell stylish and modest clothing.  Style, that's right up my alley.

The owner of Mika Rose started her business because she found a shortage of stylish modest clothing in Utah, where she went to university, and upstate New York, where she's from.  She started designing clothes for herself for the functions she attended.  Mika Rose was born out of this need.   What this designer offers are clothes that please fashion conscious ladies. (

Funky Frum is another clothing business that provides forward fashion with good coverage.  The blouses, skirts and dresses are suited for ladies who want to look unique without revealing parts of the body that don't need revealing.  (

 One more modest clothing website I have to mention.  Check C-Virtue for more stylish skirts, blouses and dresses for the woman of the 21st century.  C-Virtue was introduced this year, 2009, to the Toronto and GTA community.  Wishing C-Virtue success in clothing women in Ontario and abroad.  (

As Mrs. Garret, a character from The Facts of Life, (one of my favorite if not my absolute favorite 1980's sitcom) stated to one of the students on the show that was dressed a bit provocatively, "If you're advertising, you must be selling".  As girls and women, let's advertise integrity, decency and respect for ourselves and for others.  What we portray is what we'll receive.

Till next blog! 

black dress with white trim -
brown skirt with ruffle hem - 

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