Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two New Pieces from SK Clothes

How was your week?  Mine was busier than usual.   My son helped me make a little video clip for the fall/winter 2009/10 mini collection on Monday.  Wednesday, our computer got a virus and I spent the rest of the week trying to get it in proper working order.  Saturday was an all day trip to purchase a CD album my son has wanted since last year. 

I finished the last two pieces of my very mini fall and winter collection for the  2009/10 season  about two weeks ago.  Here's is hoping the spring/summer mini collection is finished on schedule.  The collection includes one blouse, one shirt, one sweater, and two skirts.  Previously, it was to include a pant, but I didn't have enough fabric, hence the skirt.  The skirt has a partial flared hem and is made of the same fabric as the blouse, a dark brown imitation suede.  The sweater was made from recycled acrylic knit fabric and I love the sleeves' futuristic look.  The sweater was previously a knee length open knit "coat" with a knit tie belt at the waist. 

Here is the collection together, including my daughter's bag design.  Hope you like it.  What took me so long to finish you may ask.  I was waiting to purchase fabric to make the pant and the sweater, which was supposed to be a futuristic inspired turtle/cowlneck sweater.  I decided to use what I had instead of waiting any longer.  I'm pleased with the results.  You can view the video on Youtube at:

 Enjoy the coming week.  Till next blog!

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