Friday, February 5, 2010

Dresses Throughout The Ages...

Women's dresses have changed so much from the past centuries to now, the 21st century.  Drastic changes were made from the going out of the 19th century and into the 20th century.  I guess the changes were made once women were considered "persons" in the 1920's (which I learned, to my horror, while helping my daughter study for a history test), and they took the opportunity to show their liberation through clothing.  So we weren't human prior to that?

I love period movies.  I love to see what elaborate clothing the middle class and the rich wore in the past centuries.  I love the dresses that made a lady look like a lady.  I'm also very curious as to how long it took to make one of the elaborate dresses with yards of fabric, trim, ruffles, buttons and whatever other details were necessary to complete the elaborate task.  One had to really love designing and sewing then...

There was not too much difference between 18th century and 19th century dresses.  Women were well covered.  I try to imagine wearing such clothing in the summer heat, and I start to hyperventilate.  While I appreciate the work and intricacy of past era dresses,  I appreciate modern dress for women even more; more freedom of movement, more air can circulate, no corsets.

18th century 
19th century
                                      20th century:  1980's

                                           21st century:  2008

I had to add  pictures of one of my favorite decades, the 1980's.   Nothing is as influential as what was heard, what was seen, and what was worn from one's childhood and teen years, at least I think so.  I remember my red denim jacket, an aqua tiered and ruffled mini skirt with white lace at the hem and at each horizontal seam, my grey leather moon boots which reached mid-calf, just to name a few of my valued pieces then.  If there was a time machine that really could transport people back to certain times, I would go back to the 1980's for a week, or two...

Fashion has always been a journey, hasn't it fellow fashionistas?  Till next blog!

18th century dress:
green dress:
black dress:

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