Saturday, July 17, 2010

Appreciating Men's Fashion

I don't make men's clothing, but I decided to post pictures of men's clothing this week.  Most men wear the basics I guess.  As I've heard, they buy only what they need (the majority do; I'm sure there's a minority that just has to buy whatever is in fashion).

This is for the men out there, and for the women who have significant others.  You might get an idea of what to buy for yourself, and in the women's case, for your man.




The grey and khaki colored clothing just gives me a cool feeling, like a fresh breeze blowing, like sitting by a body of water.  If we have a heatwave next summer, I may very well focus on white, khaki and grey fabric for next year's spring and summer five piece line of SK Clothes.

Till next blog!


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