Saturday, July 31, 2010

SK's Stylish Man of the Week

Surfing Youtube a couple days ago, I stumbled upon Blair Underwood in a short video clip on a Black man hiking in California.  (I love Youtube.  You start out searching videos on one topic, and you finish with videos that have no connection to what you originally were researching.)  It was funny.  Then I clicked on the link about his novel (From Cape Town with Love) which he promotes through video about a bodyguard in Cape Town, South Africa.  It was watching these videos I saw him wearing a white shirt with white pants and a black blazer.  I was inspired. 

I searched Google to find a picture of this outfit in vain.  But there were other fantastic outfits this man put together wonderfully, but then he'd look good in a raggedy t-shirt.  

I first saw Blair on the Cosby Show.  If he wasn't a director, actor and writer,  he could be modelling for top agencies.  He has a beautiful wife and three lovely children.  This man has a wonderful sense of style. Loving the clothes.  Keep on being an inspiration!

Till next blog!

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