Sunday, May 1, 2011

William and Kate are Married!

Prince William and Kate are married!  What a wonderful wedding!  I was up at 3 am Friday morning watching the wedding guests arrive at Westminster Abbey.   I was impressed with Victoria Beckham's attire; as simple as the dress was, it was stylish and light (the fabric was, the dress was navy blue).  David Beckham looked good in his morning suit too.  Oh, and Pippa Middleton, Kate's sister, wore a lovely form fitting, mermaid hem cowl neck bridesmaid dress in white.  All the guests looked wonderful.
Kate the bride, and Pippa the bridesmaid,
Prince William looked so proud of his wife!  I'm sure many people wished that Princess Diana could have lived to see her first child get married.  The fact that Prince William gave Kate his mother's engagement ring and that they were married in Westminster Abbey, where the funeral for Diana was held, was indeed William's way of "including" his mother.  That's so sentimental.  I believe Kate married the right man, and William married the right woman.
Pippa Middleton,
The English royal and well to do ladies are famous for the unique hats in various sizes, designs and colors they wear on certain special occasions.  My friend had stopped by in the afternoon and thought that some of the ladies had put their hats on wrong (lol).  I explained that the small hats precariously perched right above some of the ladies' faces were purposely placed there, held in place with pins, or some device.  
David and Victoria Beckham,
Kate's wedding dress!  Beautiful!  It suits her style perfectly!  It's a fitted torso and full skirt with long sleeves and v-neck high collar in lace.  The train was 2 metres, not as long as I thought it would be.  That the dress was designed by a creative director, Sarah Burton, for Alexander McQueen was a surprise because I would have expected something more space aged and complex.  Instead, Kate looked classic and beautiful (and William and Harry looked handsome in their uniforms).  A t.v. personality mentioned that the dress reminded her of Princess Grace, and this is so true.  My guess for the type of dress Kate would wear was very close (check my blog "Wedding Dresses for a Future Princess").  I've heard a couple people say that sleeved wedding dresses may make a come back now, thanks to Kate!  And I say, thank you Kate for that!

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