Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Was Inspired by This Junior Miss

My daughter was dressing last Thursday to go to the "One World" show that she and my son participated in and which was held at their high school .  I attended, missing the cultural foods segment for the third year in a row (I don't know why, I love to eat), and saw the talent show and modelling segment.  I had a good time as well as everyone else.  I just loved when a group of students jumped up and down whooping for certain groups of students dancing cultural dances on stage.  Young people have sooo much energy!

Anyway, the ensemble my daughter put on caused me to stop and tell her I had to take her picture, it was an inspired moment.  Maybe I've seen the look before, but not on her.
I want to dress like that!   Here's another look she put together to attend church Sunday morning.  I like that the look is modest, age appropriate, and stylish.

She made some very nice bags as well.  A friend of hers asked her to make one for her.  I asked her to make one for me!

I'm posting these to my new website called Designers and Deals.  The site is for the purpose of promoting crafters and designers products with their contact information for all interested in purchasing from them.  One designer is currently discounting prices for her items.  www.designersanddeals.com

Till next blog!

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