Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Plaid's New Look

When one thinks of plaid, let me correct myself, when I think of plaid, I think of the 1970's.  I was younger then and plaid was one of the fabrics that was popular.  I remember clearly the plaid pants that my mother purchased for me and my sister (along with platform shoes) that I, and I believe she, were very proud of.  Most likely we were going to debut our new and far out look on the first day of school.  Ahh, memories.   

The plaid originated from Scotland, where the name for plaid is tartan.  Plaid, in Scotland, is the name for tartan fabric placed on the shoulder or a blanket.  The plaid, or tartan, was, and continues to be, made in wool, usually for clan identification and for kilts, but now we can purchase this fabric in any material, and any style as well. 

Girl's dress, www.weblo.com

Cap, www.pronto.com

by Mod Retro, www.stylehive.com

by Mod Retro, www.stylehive.com

Plaid is looking even better.  Till next blog!

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