Monday, October 3, 2011

Love These Lovely Looks!

My style is very acceptable and current, even though I love to see fashion forward silhouettes and looks on other people.  I've got to change that and wear one unusual piece when I go out.  For someone who loves to see the brave fashionistas wearing combinations of designs and colors that would make everyone's day more joyful, (well,  I think half would think "go girl!", and the other half would think "she's extra!") I sure play it safe.  I have to make a conscious decision to change that.

Here are a collection of current and fashion forward pieces that I just love!  The first three looks  have a demure but strong presence because of the soft sillhouettes and lovely color combinations.  The orange print knit legging pants, on the other hand, would probably have some people staring in horror.  I would definately wear them though; I find the pants very refreshing.  It's time for print pants and leggings to come into fashion.  Pants have been solid colors for too long!

by Anna Sui,

by Ralph Lauren, Fall 2010,

by Jonathan Saunders,
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