Monday, October 31, 2011

Stars Wear Boho Chic

Many stars wear the boho chic look.  Boho chic of my favorite looks, started in the early 1990's.  Bohemian style clothes are hippie inspired clothing according to  The 1970's was a time of freedom, a time of change, a time of great music.  The clothes reflected this, and there were some unusual color and print combinations used for the same outfits, but I believe dressing in that decade was especially fun.  What I love, according to Savannah Miller (the actress Sienna Miller's sister), is that a bohemian chic woman or man is "...a profound romantic..." and lives outside of the box. 

Quick history lesson time!  The original Bohemians were travelers from Central Europe (the French translates Bohemian as Gypsy or Roma people).  Many elements of bohemian chic clothes date back as far as the pre-Raphaelite time (mid to late 19th century)!  I have to investigate that one.

Holly Robinson-Peete, 

Sandra Bullock,

Jill Scott,

Nicole Richie,
Garcell, Beauvais-Nilon,
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