Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Few Dresses That Get My Applause

Belated Happy New Year everyone.  And how is your year going so far?  

I think I'd like to start wearing day dresses for this year.  I'm usually in a blouse and skirt or pant.  A dress, one garment on instead of two, could possibly mean less time getting dressed.  

Here are a few dresses whose cut, color and assembly are soooo attractive.  I hope you enjoy.

by Jeremy Laing, www.iwanigot.geekgirl.com

Floral check silk dresses Paul Smith, http://designerdresses.me.uk
Ombre dress, www.shoppingthetrend.com

I think I'm a fan of Jeremy Laing now.  If you see his picture, he looks like a kid, but his clothing designs are incredible, and he's Canadian!  Till next blog!

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