Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stunner Dresses

We all love to look at beautiful things.  As I think on this statement, what is beautiful to one person isn't necessarily beautiful to a next person.  I'm sure some of you, for example, some men in particular, think the alligator is a stunning creature.  I beg to differ, but that opinion is mine.  I won't argue what you think is beautiful.  This world has many different people with many, many opinions, and it would be a pretty boring world if everyone agreed on everything.  

This post is about dresses I think are absolutely beautiful and graceful.  May not be able to buy one, but I sure can look at them as long as I want.

Gown by Talbot Runhof, spring 2012, www.nymag.com

by Nanette Lapore, www.nymag.com

by Monique Lhuiller, pre-fall 2012, www.nymag.com

Till next blog!

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