Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Forecast: Print Dresses

With spring arriving, it's time to look at what's the trend for this wonderful season.  It's the season to go outdoors and have fun in the warmer weather wearing comfortable and attractive clothing in breathable fabrics.  Clothes with movement is a definate must.

Print dresses, in almost any fine or bold print, are one of the trends for spring 2012, both short and long.  My preference is the long dress.  I'm envisioning myself in a floral maxi dress with big hair and flip flops for this year, lol.
African print dress, www.belladuafe.blog.com

Skater dress, www.priceinspector.co.uk

Maxi dress, http://evolutionvtg.blogspot


Till next blog!


  1. Wicked blog Sharon. Exceptional. Outstanding. I am very proud of you and I am sending your blog to everyone I know.....e heh, we know.