Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Forcast: Print Pants with Wider Silhouettes

I'm so happy about the pant designs that are in for this spring and summer season.  Many fashion designers are including print pants in wider cuts in their collections.  It's refreshing to see a garment that's been styled in the same way for a few seasons get an absolute overhaul (or in terms we understand today, "facelift").  This makes spring and summer fashion more enticing.  I'm hoping to see many girls, teens and women wearing the wide legged, harem and even straight legged pants, in prints.  I might post your picture in my blog.

Aztec print pant, www.stylepantry.com

Harem style pant, www.shecoo.com

Wide leg pant, www.youlookfab.com

Harem print pant, www.viawoman.com
Till next blog!

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