Saturday, January 30, 2010

SK Clothes Fall/Winter Collection 2009 - 10

Today is a bitterly cold day in Ontario, at least in my city.  That's given me more incentive to stay inside and do some sewing this past week.  Sometimes it's hard for me to stay indoors and do what I have to do. 

I'm almost finished my fall/winter 2009-10 small collection of clothing.  I sure took my time; December was a month that distracted me and I'm not talking about Christmas.  A few not too pleasant things happened  that took away my concentration, but I'm back in action now!

 Anyway, I'm getting there, only two more pieces to complete.  My collection in total is five pieces of clothing; a skirt, a shirt, one blouse, one sweater and one pant that can be mixed and matched.  Here are my three pieces completed (one you've seen already):


The brown blouse is made of a fake suede fabric with sleeves and collar in ivory polyester.  The pinstriped shirt, which I posted a couple of weeks ago in my blog, has a braided collar, braided detail on the sleeves with pleated cuffs, all of a contrasting pinstriped fabric ( this shirt was made from two mens' shirts).  The skirt is a taupe texturized cotton mix fabric with  welt pockets and a pleated and flared hemline.  Also there's a photo of the SK Clothes sak I made in late summer.  This one is made of two contrasting fabrics, denim and a brown and blue checked polyester mix. 

I thank my model, my daughter, for modelling for me.  She'll pose for stills, but she dislikes modelling for videos; I tend to redo the videos over for quite a while until I think it's perfect.

Hopefully, I'll have completed the pant and the sweater by the end of next week and can post them.  Then it will be time to start the SK Clothes spring/summer collection for 2010.  Cross your fingers that I complete the spring/summer collection within two months!  It will be a small one made up of five to seven pieces.  Till next blog!

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