Friday, March 12, 2010

Working on and Looking at New Designs

I'm currently working on my daughter's clothing sketches.  I told her that I wanted some of her pieces included with my spring summer line, and  I told her to choose  five designs from her countless clothing sketches  for spring and summer 2010.  I chose a sixth piece, a dress,  from her sketches that I like just as much as her choices.  

So it looks like I'm making patterns for ten to eleven pieces of clothing (this includes my five clothing pieces) as well as cutting, sewing and fitting.   She's going to have to help a little though.  This will be her "on the job training" in making a garment.  As she's the younger, I'm working on her designs first.  I'm wondering whether to combine both mini clothing lines in one video or two.  I'll ask her...  She may want  her own video to show friends and promote her talent I have no problem with that.   I'm excited; her designs are youthful and innovative and mine are casual, stylish pieces.

I was looking at clothing online again, one of my favorite hobbies as you must know, and I saw some very nice pieces by well known designers.  I like their aesthetic very  much.  The coral and brown suit was designed by Chado Ralph Rucci.  The black  ruffle dress was designed by Lanvin.  They are strong designs that are absolutely 21st century.

Speaking of the 21st century, if your into futuristic looking clothing like I am, you have to see the fall 2010 clothing lines on  I was so excited when I viewed some of the designs.  There weren't too many references to past decades in the designs.  I don't know if many of them are marketable right now, but they are sure fun to view.   Haider Ackermann, Barbara Bui, Pringle of Scotland and Karl Lagerfield are the designers whose clothing lines I've looked at so far.  I'm not finished yet, I'm going to look at more when I can.  I'll make mention of more clothing lines I love once I see them.

Till next blog!

coral and brown suit by Chado Ralph Rucci -
black ruffle dress by Lanvin -

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