Friday, March 26, 2010

Designing is a Family Trait

Spring, spring, where are you?  It is officially spring, but the weather is fluctuating a bit too much for my liking.  I can hardly wait for the flip flop weather.  Pedal pushers, t-shirts, sheer blouses, ahh, freedom from restricting coats, hats and gloves.

I have three things to show you.  I've finished another of my daughter's bag design.  My son, who loves to draw, cartoon figures in particular, made some designs last year of the types of hats and hoodies he'd love to wear.  Also, the mock wedding dress I said I would soon be making has been made, although it's a bit more understated than I had planned it to be.  No matter, it's my first attempt, and I'm looking forward to making a more detailed wedding dress sample in the future. 

The hat is made of three colors, two of which are appliqued.  The one seen is a medium size.  It can be made in small and large as well.  I like the originality of it, haven't seen anything like it as yet.  The designer gets an A+! 

There's a blue theme going on I guess.  This bag is made of recycled and new fabric.  The blue fabric was formally a jacket.  Which leaves the floral fabric to be the new.  This design was stiffened with interfacing.  It's lined with the floral fabric as well.  My daughter suggested that I sew a pocket in the lining, so I'll be adding one to the next bag I sew.

My attempt at making a wedding dress,  or, as it looks here, a formal white dress, was enjoyable.  The sheer nylon fabric was actually a curtain, and the slip was made from cotton fabric I found among my fabric stash.  I was nervous with the draping of the fabrics to make the dress.  I didn't make patterns for them, I just used my judgement and cut, and draped, and tried to make an interesting design.  The sleeves and the neckline, which is ruched, are pleasing to me.  Sometimes working organically produces surprising but pleasing results.  The slip should be longer though.  Sometimes what you think of and what it actually looks like are two different things.

I am selling on eBay once again. I used to have an eBay basic store, but due to circumstances, I'm selling designs individually, which is more affordable for me cost wise.  You can find them under SK Clothes plus the name of the item you may be interested in.

Till next blog!

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  1. That is a great design, Sharon. Great attempt. Great result. Keep making more and more and you shall to h'improve an h'improve.