Saturday, August 21, 2010

Comfortable Style

This is my look for fall and winter 2010.  The clothing and accessories are all pieces that have been in style before and even last year.  The look is so flattering it has to be popular a few more years.  It's a nice casual look with a bit of flare.  Simple lines, easy fit, stylish and comfortable.  Notice that the leggings aren't absolutely clinging to the legs but have a very slight loose fit.  The tunique can be a long blouse or a short dress, as long as it reaches mid thigh.  The scarf adds extra interest to the look, and the boots (flat heels, yeah!)  are pure comfort and compliments the leggings.
The second group, still the same pieces as above, looks slightly dressier.  I just love the grey uggs!  It's not a common color for boots at all, but it looks good.
What will you be living in this fall and winter?  Till next blog!

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