Saturday, August 28, 2010

Belting It

An accessory that I haven't payed too much attention too for some time is the belt, although Michelle Obama has brought it to the forefront within the past year or two.  I remember seeing Mrs. Obama wearing a blouse, an open button front sweater and a belt to keep the sweater in place.  What I thought was unusual was the open sweater; I'm used to closed buttoned sweaters with a belt.  She started a new trend.  I respect that.  And the belt has my attention again. 

Here are some examples of trendy and beautiful belts from two popular designers and two companies that are new to me.  Belts come in so many colours, widths and designs.  There's got to be a belt out there for any and every woman.

by Rewards, 
 by Valentino, 2009,


by Marc Jacobs,

Be sure to belt an outfit in the coming week.  Till next blog!

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