Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stretch Your Dollar - Buy Reversible

Looking at a Sears catalogue I received during the past week, I saw a spring dress (yes, Sears is already giving a head start on spring showing a bit of spring clothing for sale now, near the end of November...  ) with an interesting cut out design near one shoulder and a bow as a finishing detail.  It's a sleeveless dress, knee length, and reversible!  There are two color choices: one is cobalt blue, reversible side being black, the other color choice is black and white print, the reversible side, blackIt is sweet!  That's two dresses in one for $60.00, or a dress for $30.00.  I think that's affordable.

Could we live in a reversible fashion world?  That would mean, if we purchase reversible clothes on sale, a very good savings.  It would very literally be a two- for- one sale.  That would mean we'd have more room in our closets and drawers.  That would mean, for those of you who travel, light travelling with one little suitcase instead of two large ones.  What bliss! 

But seriously, I think reversible clothing is very convenient and a great idea.   It's especially a good idea buying this type of clothing for children.

Men's Hoodie -

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