Monday, December 6, 2010

Experimenting and Keeping a Promise

When we get too preoccupied, we tend to forget what we said we would do.  It's not a good thing, but it happens none the less.  I've remembered a bit too late (but late is better than never) that I said in my blog titled "What a Girl Wore to Two Weddings" (May 22, 2010 post) I would post full pictures of a dress I made for my daughter for a wedding when she was around 9 years old.  Well, I'm finally keeping my word (lol).   

The dress is a girl's size 8/10 and has a vintage look.  My daughter looked really lovely in it.   

Vintage look girl's dress, front,  by SK Clothes

Vintage look girl's dress, back, by SK Clothes

Vintage look girl's dress, SK Clothes

The reversible tunic below was in response to the blog I posted last week (Stretch Your Dollar - Buy Reversible, November 27, 2010).  My daughter wanted me to make her a hoodie.  Due to time constraints, we agreed to my making a top for her.  Well, I decided to try making a reversible top and ended up with a tunic that reaches almost mid-thigh.  It will be good for the winter season due to it's thickness from two layers of clothe.

Reversible tunic, SK Clothes

Reversible tunic, SK Clothes

Reversible tunic, SK Clothes
I will be experimenting with making another reversible garment,  maybe a reversible pant with the same blue and black fabrics.  I bought quite a lot of both since they were on sale.   You can check out for other SK Clothes designs.  Till next blog! 

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