Friday, December 17, 2010

Under $25 Christmas Shopping

I've started my Christmas shopping last week, and I'm not spending a lot on one person.  The price of each present has to be under $20.00.  I can't spend like I used to on others, and many of you understand.  We're in the same boat.
It's not the price of the gift, it's the thought.  Many of us have been mislead, I think, in believing that the more that is spent on us, the more valuable we are and the more appreciated we are.   Not so.  I think the economic downturn is a good thing in only one way; people have to live within their means and be thoughtful about their purchases, which in turn means buying gifts that are affordable and were thoughtfully chosen to be purchased (which is the value and appreciation part).  This is no time to try to keep up with the Jones' anymore and go broke (or should I say, become even more broke!).  Which is making me kind of "home" sick for the 70's...

Here are some nice clothing and accessories for under $25.00.  This is my type of shopping...

Sweet Pea turtleneck, $16.35,

Denim jacket, $15.00,

Gramicci Cedar shirt, $17.93,

Kenneth Cole wallet, $15.00,
Element Wray skate shoe, $24.00,
Enjoy shopping wisely in the following week.  Till next blog!

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