Friday, January 14, 2011

An Artistic Designer, Ballet Flats, and One More Thing...

I see some clothing designs and silhouettes as a form of art.  Fabric can be cut and draped and pleated into a piece of clothing interesting to behold.  Fabric can also have art drawn, painted, or printed on before or after the clothing piece is made.  Either way, wearing these types of clothes are a lot more fun and expressive.

One very nice designer I've come to "meet" and "talk" to (through Facebook e-mails) is Gail Cavanaugh.  She is an artist and entrepreneur, among other things, from Rhode Island, USA. Gail prints her watercolor designs on t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, as well as cups, coasters, and cards.  She can make paintings according to your specifications or you can choose one of her many watercolors to have printed on an item of your choice at affordable prices.    I've recently purchased a Monarch butterfly coaster from Gail which I'm happy with.  It's very pretty.   Her website is

I'm planning what to purchase now for spring.  Have to budget ahead of time.  I find myself budgeting about 3 months in advance now.  One thing I need are a pair of flats.  I'm a woman who loves comfort, and I want to get around easily in low or no heels.  I was looking at flats in a popular department store catalogue and couldn't believe that some flats were priced at over $50, $60, and $70!  For the price concientious lady, (love the name of the website!) directs women looking for affordable items to locations having sample sales in Canada, the US, and Britain. These flats are priced under $20.00!
And one more thing.  I found this men's shirt online with an original plaid I like.  I couldn't not post it.  It's very original.  Could we call it an ombre plaid print?  What do you think?

KR3W Kane shirt,
Till next blog!

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