Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Like These Shoes...

Well, this week I ended up looking at shoes.  No particular reason.  I actually wanted to find a variety of clothes and accessories I liked, and ended up focusing on only shoes.  I chose dress sandals and a pair of casual shoes I would like, and I chose sneakers my teens may like.  I should have asked their opinion, right?  That's an idea for a next blog...

Velvet sandals,

Purple metalic shoes,

Skechers Bikers Point Blank,

The following shoes are custom made from  Anyone can chose from 7 Ked shoe styles and have their own designs, photos, text, and more, used to make a one of a kind sneaker.  A piece of art on feet!  My teens would absolutely love creating art for their own shoes.

Catalyst Two,

Peacock Hi-Tops,
Till next blog!

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