Saturday, January 8, 2011

That Bohemia Feeling...

How was your holiday?  Mine was good and unexpectedly busy during the last week of 2010.  Now the new year is here; I didn't even make any New Years resolutions like I used to do.  I'm going to just work on a few of my goals plus wait to see what comes.  And for those of you that may have read my blog last week, I wore a loose black blouse, a beige shirt jacket, and a "salt and pepper" calf length straight cut skirt to the New Years Eve service (I took my teens to a church concert.  It was excellent!).  Not my first choice of what I would like to wear, but I had less than two hours to find something to put on.

Yesterday I was thinking on how 2011 should be clothes-wise.  I'm feeling ease of movement in clothing is key.  I'm thinking loose and light fabrics.  I'm thinking expressive clothing.  I'm thinking color (don't I always think color?) to express hopefulness for the future and a passion for one's beliefs.  Bohemia!  I can also see people wearing semi-structured  clothing in colors such as grey, white, black and taupe.  To each his own.  Here are a few of bohemian clothing I've taken a liking to:

XCVI pant,

by Bohemia,
2011, here we come!  Till next blog!

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